Coastwide MLK Committee holds ‘Defining our Legacy’ panel discussion

The Coastwide Martin Luther King Jr. Committee hosted a ‘Defining our Legacy’ panel discussion teaching the community about wealth and building and real estate.

Tonight, at the Biloxi Visitors Center, a real estate broker and community development lender shared financial advice and tips.

In a question-and-answer panel, the audience asked questions to the experts on ways to create generational wealth.

In black communities, financial literacy is a taboo topic so the panel discussion created a safe space for education and help. Community Lending Manager Heather Sanders said, “We went further beyond homeownership, real estate. We had some good conversations about what the conversation looks like for our families and the community, sharing the information that we’ve learned here and amongst ourselves with our friends and family as well.”

The discussion lasted an hour-and-a-half with a reception that followed.

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