Coast’s Oldest Krewe Rolls Through Downtown Biloxi

In the center of Fat Tuesday’s celebration was the Coast’s oldest krewe rolling through downtown Biloxi.

It’s the oldest parade on the Coast and a yearly tradition for some south Mississippians. Lamecia Jones-Bennett, a Biloxi resident, says, "I’m a Biloxi resident and every year, I enjoy this parade because it’s so much fun."

The parade was a first for some who lined the streets of downtown Biloxi Tuesday afternoon. Mikya Coleman, a Moss Point resident, says, "We used to go to Mobile, but we came to Biloxi this year just to see if it’s different, see how it’s gonna’ be."

Whether they traveled from miles away or just up the road for the parade, one thing everyone can agree on is Mardi Gras is all about family, friends, and more importantly, fun. Melissa Hilliard, a Kiln resident, says, "It’s just tradition. It’s family tradition down here, that’s what we do in the south."

With thousands of hands in the air, some caught a piece of royalty as King D’Iberville and Queen Ixolib threw jewels into the crowd. Others were just happy to catch a glimpse of the equally extravagant floats. One kid says, "It’s fun and you see lots of pretty floats. It might be the United States of America float."

The red, white, and blue float was one of more than 100 floats rolling in this year’s parade. While this year’s parade has run its course, no one left empty handed. More than one million beads rained down this year, and parade goers soaked up memories for years to come.

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