Coastal Mississippi meets to discuss 2022 fiscal year

Coastal Mississippi held their monthly marketing and sales meeting to discuss the 2022 fiscal year.

Working to get tourists to explore the secret coast, Coastal Mississippi hosted their monthly marketing and sales meeting to plan the budget for the 2022 fiscal year.

A committee of 13 advisory board members and the marketing committee voted, reviewed and discussed ways to increase tourism performance along the Coast. Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra said, “Not only to see what we have accomplished from previous plans, but most importantly what are the new initiatives.”

The big issue the committee addressed was their diversity, equality, and inclusion policy to better reflect the morals Coastal Mississippi believes in. “Really portray what we are which is a mix, beautiful people, different culture that we can offer and when people come and visit they will see exactly what we are.”

As a socially aware company and representative of one third of all Mississippi tourism, Coastal Mississippi is aiming to purposefully create marketing and social media content that is reflective of their target audience and potential tourists. Hancock County Commissioner Mark Henderson said, “We talked a little bit about diversity and how are we going to measure diversity, the critical piece is how do you measure it. You don’t know if you’re being successful until you’ve actually measured it both before and after.”

The 2022 budget is still in discussion, but Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra tells News 25 “it’s going to be enough, well used, well invested, with a good return on investment to make sure that we bring more visitors, there’s more economic impact and the life and quality of plays on our Coast enhanced.”

The meeting adjourned with further intentions to set clear guidelines to measure diversity in advertising and social media and economic plans for funds for the upcoming 2022 fiscal year.

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