Coastal Living Magazine names Pass Christian as one of the best coastal cities

The City of Pass Christian is being featured in Coastal Living Magazine as one of the best coastal cities in the U.S.

This was a complete surprise to Mayor Jimmy Rafferty, who found out the news two days ago. He believes the city got the recognition by having two harbors, nice parks, and a resilient community of residences, especially after rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

It was one of the cities that suffered significant damage being near the beach.

Pass Christian School District is annually ranked at the top of both state and national schools, earning both ‘A’ and Blue Ribbon designations.

Pass Christian’s economy is driven by several seafood-related businesses. Downtown offers hotels, restaurants, and shopping and is also in walking distance from War Memorial Park. “People have worked so hard for something like this. Of course, it was something unexpected. It’s something that we didn’t work towards, but we’re just really trying to bring Pass Christian back to where it was before the storm. A lot of progress has been made, a lot of positivity, just great things are happening.”

The magazine will be out soon.

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