Coastal Creative Hive group benefits local artists

Sit back, relax, and enjoy local artwork. A local group called ‘Coastal Creative Hive’ was created in 2018 and it’s a group of crafters and artists.

They do pop-up art shows all across the Coast to promote local artists. Their goal is to do this at zero cost for the artist with 100 percent of the sales going back to the artist when possible.

The group’s motto is ‘all ages, all races, and all mediums are welcome.’

Coastal Creative Hive Founder Tricha McAlvain is a local artist and has a new angel wings mural display at Trax in Long Beach. McAlvain is delighted to tell News 25 about her piece. “Well it’s exactly what I wanted, I wanted each individual to see something different within the wings, within the design and the layers of the paint and the woodwork. And whenever they come multiple times, I want them to see something different every time they visit.”

Trax in Long Beach Co-Owner Zach Notter said, “South Mississippi has always been a treasure trove and a fountain for local artists and musicians. Me being a musician myself just trying to give everybody a shot. She approached me about the angel wings and I thought it was a fantastic idea.”

Be sure to follow Coastal Creative Hive on Facebook to support local artists.

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