Coast woman receives the gift of sound thanks to the Miracle-Ear Foundation

After years of struggling to hear, one woman has finally received the gift of sound thanks to the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

At 55, Libby Riley finally has the ability to fully hear. At two months old, Riley completely lost hearing in her right ear and as time went on the hearing in her left ear began to become faint. “It’s been hard. So, I adjusted with just one ear and turn my head back and forth. So, I could hear people on the other side on the right of me or they always had to be on the left side.”

It was always difficult for Riley in school because she would have to sit so close to the teacher to be able to hear. “Through school, I tried to go in the military, couldn’t go in the military because of one ear. In ninth grade, I took sign language at Pass Christian High School because I thought I may become completely deaf.”

After year’s of going to different doctors, Riley’s mother, Orelia Stallings, suggested the Miracle-Ear Store in Gulfport. “Call Miracle-Ear. I said ‘Call Miracle-Ear,’ and she did and they went right on in and helped her.”

In February, they visited Phillip Sturtevant, a licensed hearing instrument specialist and applied for the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Sturtevant said, “The Miracle-Ear foundation stepped up and they give out 34,000 hearing aids every year to 18,000 patients. It’s amazing what they do. I am glad to be a part of it.”

Riley says the ability to fully hear gives her a new lease on life. “I got to get used to this.”

“This is going to be a day to remember.”

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