Coast residents share their goals for the new year

The time-honored custom of making new year’s resolutions allows people to refocus their energy on self-improvement, beginning on the first of January each year.

A new year means new resolutions. For those participating in the tradition, the fireworks will celebrate more than a farewell to 2022 and a hello to 2023, it will signify the beginning of a new journey to improve one’s self.

Here are some resolutions from five locals shared with us at WXXV. Ali Hughes said, “Have a more positive outlook on life, get out of my situation, and overall be a good dad.”

Sophie Mott said, “My new year’s resolution will be to shoot a tall basketball hoop.”

Aubrey Spears said, “I wanna start a jewelry business and get some orders!”

Kim Huffman said, “Have more of a positive attitude about things. It’s easy to look at the glass half empty without realizing it.”

Christina Beland said, “I definitely plan on growing in my relationship with Jesus. I used to be really strong with it, and I still am. But nowhere I used to be.”

Some tips for crafting your own resolution are to make it positive, specific, and attainable.

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