Coast Residents receive new Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Today is the first day Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine appointments are underway. At the Singing River Cedar Lake Clinic in Biloxi, 20 of the new one dose vaccines were given to South Mississippians.

Ten Singing River Health System clinics across Jackson and Harrison counties will administer 1,000 Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccines this week.

Retired teacher Patty Comer was satisfied with the ease and efficiency when getting her one dose vaccine at the Cedar Lake Clinic in Biloxi. “I had done a little bit of research and felt it was the best one for me.”

While thousands of Mississippians have been vaccinated with the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines, others have been calling and waiting for the Johnson and Johnson option. Jason Ely said, “People are so excited, just the fact of doing something one time and not have to plan for the future. They feel like this is the answer to the prayers they been waiting for all along.”

Even before making her vaccine appointment, Comer had already done her research on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine and decided that was the best one for her. “I just felt more comfortable for it all along. So, I was eagerly awaiting even before it came out.”

Those who had concerns with Moderna and Pfizer side effects, the new single dose vaccine is offering new hope. Nurse Darrah Norsworthy said, “Possibly some of the fears and concerns associated around allergies and things of that nature, people have chosen this Johnson and Johnson vaccine.”

Although this vaccine requires 14 days before becoming fully effective, patients are still asked to follow CDC guidelines. “We’re still encouraging people to wear your mask when you’re around in groups of people.”

For more information and clinic appointment hotlines for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine visit the Singing River Facebook page.

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