Coast residents preparing for Ida

Sand bag locations are open across the Coast.

At these locations, the bags and sand are provided but you must bring your own shovel. Many Coast residents put on their raincoats and braced the rain today to fill their bags.

Residents on the Coast know all too well that it is better to take the time to prepare now rather than later when resources might be limited. Gulfport resident James Tyler said, “You need to be prepared. If it is going to get wet, it’s going to get wet bad. If you’re not prepared get down and get some sandbags and get ready for it.”

Gulfport resident Samantha Roberts said, “We lost our house last year with the hurricanes. They said it wasn’t going to be bad and we ended up losing our whole house. So, you guys make sure to get everything ready. Don’t not take precautions. Don’t play about this stuff.”

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