Coast residents concerned for family in Puerto Rico

Some Gulf Coast residents with family in Puerto Rico are worried for family members after Hurricane Maria devastated the area.
It was days after the hurricane hit that Gulfport resident Terry Applebee finally heard from his mother-in-law. She is in her seventies and living without power in her severely damaged home.
Applebee’s brother-in-law is a police officer. He had to travel to the capital to get phone service so they could send Applebee pictures to let them know the two were alright. “To get gas you have to stand in line for five to six hours at a time and they’re only allowing $10 in gas. Her house came out ok. It’s livable, but the flooding, it is utter devastation. There used to be palm trees, coconut trees. They’ve all been cut in half. They’re all gone,” said Applebee.
Search and rescue missions are still ongoing as the region struggles to recover from the disaster left after the storm.

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