Coast Resident Visits the Pope

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country and world were in Philadelphia this past weekend as Pope Francis made a visit there. Today, News 25’s Kristen Durand spoke with one Gulfport resident who took part in all of the holy festivities.
Pope Francis is back at the Vatican after spending six days in the United States. Coast resident Chris Spear is back on the Coast after spending the weekend with the pope in Philadelphia. “Overall, it was a wonderful experience in Philadelphia,” said Spear, “We really enjoyed the conference and then afterwards for the papal visit over the weekend, there was just a humongous number of people and I think all of them kind of experienced the pope’s very charismatic welcome.”
Spear witnessed the pope’s visit with his wife and mother by his side. He was excited to hear the pope address family life, something he says as a newlywed made his family relationship even stronger. “I remember on Saturday, he said that family life is hard, that sometimes plates can fly, which fortunately they haven’t yet in the Spear household, that it can be difficult. You need to recognize that but also recognize that it’s worth doing.”
With people from all over the country and world in attendance, Spear tells News 25 that feeling the sense of togetherness as a global church was a powerful experience he’ll never forget. “I think, especially the sign of peace and the Our Father, which are both very powerful ceremonies in the Mass, doing that with somebody from North Dakota on my left and someone from Zimbabwe on my right, it was a really cool experience.”
He even had a familiar place to stay on this trip of a lifetime. “The South Mississippians that we visited up there were wonderful people,” said Spear, “and we really appreciated them kind of sharing their homes and their visits with us. I appreciate the support and prayers of everybody back here while we had this experience.”

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