Coast resident helping Houston

As rain continues to fall over southeastern Texas, many in South Mississippi know all too well what people in the Lone Star state are going through and have teamed up to help bring relief to the hurricane ravaged state.
Rusty Seaman, a resident of Pascagoula, hopes to gather as many essential items as possible and take the supplies to Houston this coming Friday.
Seaman says after surviving Hurricane Katrina he understands what the residents of Houston and surrounding communities are going through. “Anything that you think you had need of in Katrina they are going to need it out there a lot as well. So anything you think that you would want if you were in their situation, drop it off and we are going to take it.”
If you would like to donate you can do so by stopping by the Pascagoula Service Center on Amonett Street in Pascagoula. The supplies will head to Houston Friday evening.

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