Coast musicians bring relief to local music industry

Every day seems to bring even more changes to our usual norm.

Restaurants continue closing their doors, stores and local parks shut down, and live events are canceled.

Amid all these changes, News 25’s Lindsey Goodwin sat down with local musicians to see how they’ve banded together to help bring relief to the local music industry.

While several aspects of our usual everyday lives have seemingly come to a halt, the show must still go on for local musicians. “If we can create a sound that comes into their situation and brings them some peace.”

Jordan Chalden and Bruce Kirkwood are professional musicians. Chalden is a saxophonist and Kirkwood plays the violin. Both working artists for most of their lives, but now like many others, they’re left without a paycheck.  “The music industry as a whole has specifically been impacted financially with the cancelation of events and closing down venues.”

“And it’s not just the finances, in the business part you have to understand that, but there’s a relationship with the fans. Now we’re not playing, we miss that. Why don’t we take it to our living rooms, get the best sound we can, and send it to your living room?”

So the duo took to Facebook and began streaming shows on their new page ‘Live Music on the Coast,’

In just one week, they received nearly 1,000 likes, 1200 followers, and more than $1200 in donations.

“We thought it’d be good to create something that’s gonna bring awareness and raise funds that can be dispersed amongst musicians on the Coast.”

As they sign off each live show on a positive note, they hope the community will hear their message and get inspired to give back because after all, life without music would be flat.

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