Coast liquor stores still lifting spirits despite low supply

As we prepare to toast to 2023, we checked in with a local liquor store that has been lifting spirits this holiday season.

At Pooh’s Liquor Store on Dedeaux Road in Gulfport, business has been non-stop since Thanksgiving.

During this year, it’s often hard to keep up the supply, especially when the demand for a special type of alcohol is unusually high like champagne. Cashier Keith McClain said, “This year, we’re having trouble getting champagne. There’s no extra champagne coming in. So what we have is what we have to sell. It’s still a good variety, but not as much as people would like.”

Assistant Manager Tasha McClain said, “Give me an idea of what you’re looking for and I could get you the closest thing to it. They really go for it and it might be their new item. They’ll stick with that instead of what they normally get.”

Pooh’s Liquor encourages all to shop locally for your alcohol. Their staff is small, consisting of five workers, two of which are the owners, they are knowledgeable and can find a substitute if need be.

Following New Year’s business at Pooh’s Liquor typically slows down, but not for long as Mardi Gras and the need for more champagne to toast is around the corner.

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