Coast Life Back to School Drive

In an effort to help students on the Coast get geared up for school, one local organization is giving them a head start by providing the necessities for heading back.

Coast Life, which stands for ‘Can Overcome Any Stereotypes,’ is an organization geared toward community service.

Now until July 30th, the group will be collecting school supplies for students pre-K through 12th grade. The community is encouraged to donate anything from paper, pens, markers, pencils, notebooks, clear or mesh backpacks, or anything needed to start the school year.

Troy Jones is the founder of Coast Life. He says giving back is important and hits close to home for him. “I actually grew up in a neighborhood and I know how hard it is with single mothers out there and grandparents raising children. I just felt like I need to give back and set an example for the neighborhood and the rest of the Coast.”

The donated items will be given to any student in need July 30th at Youther Lee Keyes Park in Gulfport. If you can’t send supplies, don’t worry, there’s a GoFundMe page called ‘Coast Life Back to School Drive’ where you can make a monetary donation.You can find that GoFundMe page here.

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