Coast high school coach reflects on accident involving MGCCC football players

Two former Coast high school football players were involved in a car accident on Friday that included MGCCC football players: freshman offensive lineman Brandon Cunningham from St. Martin, and sophomore running back Cam Thomas from Picayune.

Cunningham is currently in Jackson, receiving treatment for the injuries he sustained in the accident. Thomas was uninjured.

When the news broke, Picayune Head Coach Cody Stogner said the team, many of which played with Thomas, constantly were asking if Thomas was alright.

Stogner, who was the Maroon Tide offensive coordinator Thomas’ senior year when he led the nation in more than 3,500 yards rushing, said the squad took a collective deep breath when they were told Thomas was okay. “When we heard the news, we were worried, worried about Cam. You know, we consider ourselves family over here in Picayune and he meant a lot to this program. But our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody affected by the situation that happened and we’re just lucky to be able to talk to Cam.”

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