Coast Group Fighting Damming of Pascagoula River

There are plans to dam parts of the Pascagoula River but one Coast organization is determined to stop it from happening.
With BP restoration settlement money, the Pascagoula River Drought Resiliency project would create two lakes, one in Jackson County and one in George County. This would supplement the flow of the Pascagoula River during droughts, ensuring industrial users of the river would never have their supply run dry.
The plan was submitted to the Mobile Corps of Engineers District by the Pat Harrison Waterway District along with the Jackson County and George County Board of Supervisors.
Members of the Gulf Restoration Network say the loss of land would be extremely detrimental. Gulf Coast Restoration Network Water Policy Director Andrew Whitehurst said, “The loss of the 1,200 acres or so of forest and damming up the small streams to create lakes which evaporate in all the years of normal flow. There’s an enormous amount of water that’s going to be just wasted, going off into the atmosphere in the years that they don’t need to release water from Big Cedar Creek into the Pascagoula.”
The Gulf Restoration Network says the Mobile Corps of Engineers is still accepting public comment. You can email them to

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