Coast Electric crews leave for Alabama to help with Sally relief efforts

Today, the Coast Electric Power Association crews sent off a 37 member team to Baldwin County, Alabama to restore the lights for Sally victims.

The Coast Electric Power Association crews of Harrison, Hancock, and Pearl River counties waved goodbye to head to the Baldwin Electric Membership Cooperative in Alabama to help with power restoration for those in need.

Bobby McCauley, the underground supervisor for the Harrison County district, said how important this trip is. “In my opinion, we are first responders. We are always one of the first on the scene after any disaster or any storm. We work long hours and we’re there until everything comes back on and just doing that is so important to the members of the company. They need power, they need lights at night to see, you need businesses to open back up. So, this is something that is very important to us. It’s not just going over there, it’s helping the people.”

After Sally ravaged through parts of Alabama, restoring electricity was the best way the company knew they could help. Director of Communications April Lollar said, “It’s more than just the lights, it’s giving people that sense of normalcy when no normalcy exists in their life anymore and everything is uncertain. So, just the lights coming on and seeing those trucks come down the street to your road gives you that sense of normalcy again.”

With many people in Alabama struggling due to the effects of what was Hurricane Sally, a number of trucks and linemen are now risking their lives and heading over there to help. “We just want everyone from Mississippi to pray for everyone in Alabama. We know what it’s like, we’ve been through it. We’re just hoping for the best and we’re here for the long haul.”

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