Coast doctor performs first surgery of its kind

A Mississippi Gulf Coast doctor performed the first minimally invasive stemless implantation surgery with ensemble orthopedics CMC implant for the hand and wrist joint in the United States.

Dr. Henry Leis, a board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic hand specialist performed the surgery at Memorial Hospital- Gulf South Surgery Center in Gulfport.

The saddle shaped implant replaces the damaged bearing surfaces of any of the five bones in your hand and in your wrist with an interpositional implant, allowing for normal, pain-free motion. Dr. Leis said, “This is a much smaller implant. The other previous implants we have used have had a stem and go into the central canal of the bone. This is a very, very small implant less than the size of quarter with variable thickness based on how much bone loss there is in the joint. So, we can size up or size down depending on the bone loss and it is also minimally invasive so that we are able to put this implant in without making a large incision.”

This surgery allows patients to rehab and return back to normal activities sooner.

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