Coach Larry Calhoun visits Central Elementary School

Coach Larry Calhoun, the star of the ‘Move to Learn’ exercise break videos, visited Central Elementary School today.

Calhoun’s videos teach simple movement exercises that can be done in a small place. Teachers at the school have noticed by having fitness breaks in the classroom, it increases students’ ability to learn and focus better.

Instead of watching a video of the exercises, the students were surprised by Calhoun in person.

In the gym, administrators, teachers, and students followed along with Calhoun and laughed while he cracked jokes throughout his performance. Nurse Chasity Thrash said, “Calhoun has such a positive energy and a positive force around him that I knew our kids would absolutely love him and gain a lot from his visit with us.”

Principal Lawanda Thorton said, “I would also like to add in that some of our teachers, they already use the videos. I know there are 55 videos online, last five minutes, and they are free.”

To view his videos or learn more information based on curriculum you can go to

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