CNO visits Ingalls Shipbuilding

It was a busy day at Ingalls Shipbuilding today as the facility hosted the U.S. Navy’s Principal Advisor to the President.

Admiral Michael Gilday has only been serving as our nation’s Chief of Naval Operations for just over six months, but visiting Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula was at the top of his list. The four star admiral made his first trip to the state’s largest industrial employer flanked by Mississippi’s U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith where he got a first-hand look at Ingalls finest in action. “This is a very unique part of American industry that builds warships right now. They’re building 13 warships for the Navy-Marine Corps team that will soon be out there on the nation’s oceans protecting America’s interests.”

Admiral Gilday had the chance to check out the ships under construction for the defense of our nation, along with the latest work spaces for Ingalls employees, including Covered Slab Area III.

Despite all the heavy equipment the facility offers, the workers seemed to also spark the admiral’s interest. “Not only do they exude confidence, but they’re passionate about what they do and they’re proud about what they do, and if you believe in the adage that attitude is everything, you’re seeing that today.”

Senator Wicker believes that the continued success of Ingalls bodes well for the Coast’s economy and the next generation of workers. “One of the great accomplishments that we’ve had is a steady growth in our shipbuilding capacity and a good living, a good opportunity for young people to come in and be part of this, to receive training through our work development programs and to spend a career here if they’d like.”

Admiral Gilday says the Navy’s partnership with the shipyard will remain strong now and for all the years up ahead on the horizon. “I think that Ingalls’ success is the United States Navy’s success and vice versa, so that relationship is very, very important.”

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