Clown Costume Ban in Kemper County

Move along Bozo! Kemper County Supervisors are banning people from wearing any clown costume, mask or makeup in public. The local law carries a $150 penalty and it will be lifted after the Halloween season on November 1st. The Kemper County Messenger reports that supervisors say it’s a matter of public safety. The county along the Alabama line has a population of about 10,000.
ACLU Attorney Lee Rowland says the First Amendment protects most clothing choices, calling the ban “a ridiculous use of government authority” to dictate which Halloween costumes people can wear.
News 25 caught up with a few locals to get their thoughts on the recent scary clown craze.
Resident Bethany Cuevas said, “I believe it’s ridiculous. I think that it’s sad and Halloween is a time to enjoy family events and it’s fearful for some people to be out in public.”
Resident David Tuminello said, “If it’s gonna be scaring the kids then people shouldn’t be in the clown outfits, but that’s one of those crossing the lines kind of things.”
Gulfport resident Lorenzo Banks said, “Take the clown costumes. Nobody’s a clown around here. If we know who you are, just in case you try to come out man, we gonna get ya back.”
Although no clown bans have been issued on the Coast, many stores are choosing to pull clown merchandise from their selves.

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