Close up Look at Law Enforcement Robot

The Biloxi Police Department has a robot just like the one used in investigating the Baton Rouge, Dallas and Orlando shootings.
Lieutenant Milton Houseman tells News 25 these robots are used by law enforcement and the military to assist in scoping out suspicious items that could be dangerous or explosive.
According to Dallas authorities, with the help of a bomb and a robot, Dallas police were able to take out the shooter who was in a parking garage after he killed five officers.
“The robot can be used in many circumstances to replace a human being. Obviously for safety reasons, you’d want to put a piece of equipment in harm’s way in lieu of a person. There’s really just a litany of uses for platforms like this in the public safety line,” said Lt. Houseman.
The robot has cameras, allowing the bomb squad to see from their truck.
In the wake of violent attacks against police officers, Lt. Houseman says he’s not sure if these robots will become more common.
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