Claudette drenches the Gulf Coast

During Tropical Storm Claudette, rain was one of the biggest concerns for residents in Bay St. Louis. Parts of Shoreline Park were flooded, leaving those to bring their belongings to higher ground.

Tropical Storm Claudette made landfall in Southeast Louisiana just before 7 a.m. The storm brought heavy rains and floods across the Gulf Coast.

Residents in Hancock County and Harrison County suffered from the effects of water filling the ditches and some overtaking the road completely. Although eight to 10 inches of rain or more fell during the storm, one Bay St. Louis resident says he’s seen worse. Bay St. Louis resident Willie McLendon said, “I thought it was going to be little more high of water up to the steps or something with the way it was twisting into the North Mississippi, South Mississippi. So, I’m really pleased with the way it did end up because it could have been worse.”

Tropical Storm Claudette brought about heavy rain fall and high winds. While multiple tornado warnings were reported, flooding was a big concern as first responders were working throughout the night to keep everyone safe from the rising water levels. Hancock County EMA Director Brian Adam said, “They called for help. We sent the fire departments out there, law enforcement out there, and they were able to get them out and get them out safe.”

After taking multiple phone calls through the night, Adam credits the central dispatch, saying that they are unsung heroes helping relay information as first responders went out to help those in need. “We had about close to 20 rescues and no one that we know of has been hurt.”

According to MEMA, Claudette is forecast to track through the Carolinas into early Monday and it could become a tropical storm again as it begins to move off the East Coast.

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