Class is officially back in session at Ocean Springs Middle School

The new year means a new semester for school all along the Coast.

The new year has begun and the school bells have officially rung. Most classes are back in session along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Ocean Springs Middle School Principal Melissa Arnold says she is looking forward to seeing what the 2023 school year will bring. “2023 is going to bring some exciting things here at Ocean Springs Middle school. We look forward to our winter formal, which is going to be held on January 28th. We’re working diligently on getting our children transitioned and ready for state testing with growth incentive field trips and preparing for our third bench mark.”

The middle school’s current teacher of the year, Olivia Smith, is thrilled to finally have students fill the desks in her classroom. “I’m super excited to be back this school year and get to see the kids’ new faces and everything they got for Christmas break. I’m excited to finish out the year strong.”

Students on the other hand may feel just a little bit different about classes being back in session, but here at Ocean Springs middle, students are truly excited about what’s to come this semester.

Eighth grade students are looking forward to new experiences in the classroom as well as extracurricular activities outside the classroom. Eighth grader Kinsley Grace Kopatrick said, “I am so pumped for the 20-23 year, and so excited to be back to learn all these new things. I cannot wait to bring the dance team to UDA nationals, and we won the jazz state championship in Jackson.”

Eighth grader Jeremie Packer said, “I’m excited to come back to school. I’m excited for the basketball team and excited to bring them to the championship after we beat Colmer. I’m ready for the track season coming up, going to win another championship.”

Eighth grader Abigail Buford said, “I’m ready! I’m happy to see friends and I’m really happy to get back to band and also I’m hoping we can make it to the championship for soccer.”

Abigail and the rest of the middle school Lady Greyhounds have a great shot at the championship because they are currently undefeated.

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