Civilian firearm safety class

Some South Mississippi residents had the chance to learn about gun safety from the Gulfport Police Department this afternoon.
Once a month, the Gulfport Police Department puts together a two-day civilian fire arm safety class for those interested in learning the basics. During the class, they learn about four core safety rules, the gun laws of Mississippi and the overall importance of how to handle and take care of a gun.
Paul Podlin with the Gulfport Police Department tells News 25 the main important thing to have is confidence when handling a gun. “If you’re scared of the gun and if you don’t know how it operates, if you’re scared, you’re not going to be confident and you’re going to store it away and you’re not going to touch it and then if you need it, or when you use it, you want to have that ability and that confidence in unloading the gun and maybe using the gun in self-defense.”
If you would like to sign up for next month’s firearm safety class call the community relations division at 228-868-5703. Students must be 21 or older and must provide their own gun.

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