City of Pascagoula honoring notable citizens

Pascagoula is a small town that has produced some big talent.  Now the city is showcasing all the people from Pascagoula who have made a big impact on the world.

If you drive around the downtown Pascagoula area, you’ll see the banners on the sides of buildings showcasing famous people from Pascagoula.

These signs are called ‘heritage banners’ and are meant to inspire other Pascagoula residents to do great things every day. Main Street Pascagoula Director Rebecca Davis said, “We pulled a design committee together and started writing down names that were from Pascagoula and henceforth came the ‘heritage banners.’ It’s just telling people that we are Pascagoula and these people did come from Pascagoula and look who they are.”

If you would like to nominate someone for a heritage banner you can email

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