City of Pascagoula adopts Mexico Beach as sister city

During last night’s city council meeting in Pascagoula, the council and the mayor voted unanimously to make Mexico Beach, Florida a sister city.

Today, the city launched a community-wide cash gift card donation initiative in conjunction with the fundraising efforts of the Pascagoula-Gautier School District. They are asking community members to drop off pre-activated Visa gift cards at City Hall, Pascagoula Central Fire Department, and Pascagoula Police Department.

The gift card drive will come to an end on October 29th and they will be taken down to Florida to aid in recovery. Lauri-Ellen Smith with Pascagoula Community relations said, “What we are told by the people in there and providing relief is, and as folks here well know, the best thing that you can do for these folks sometimes is just provide cash to get back on their feet. So that is what we have decided to do. You have to give people the opportunity to get what they think they need.”

City officials want to emphasize to make sure the Visa gift cards are pre-activated since many storm victims do not have access to internet at this time.

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