City of Pascagoula unveils 15-foot metal statue downtown

The City of Pascagoula unveiled a 15-foot metal art sculpture at the corner of Delmas Avenue and Pascagoula Street.

The sculpture was designed and fabricated by students at PGSD’s career and college technical institute as part of a three-semester program called the Pascagoula Public Art Enterprise.

Students spent time speaking with different community members about what Pascagoula means to them in order to spark inspiration for the design.

The sculpture features five building blocks that show different features of the city as well as the word ‘Goula’ and the area code of the city.

Mississippi Power was able to offer the grant to help fund this project. WAMA Executive Director Julian Rankin said, “I think museums are thought of as places that just preserve art, and we certainly do that and Walter Anderson’s legacy is extremely important, but we want to get out and activate his legacy in contemporary ways.”

Mississippi Power Area Manager Anthony McCorvey said, “This is a great project because we have to work with education, different business leaders, to help enhance the culture of Pascagoula and also tell the story.”

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art and the students in the program will unveil two more statues in Downtown Pascagoula sometime in the near future.

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