City of Pascagoula awarded $4.4 million in Restore Act funding

Governor Reeves announced on Thursday that he awarded the City of Pascagoula $4.4 million in Restore Act funding.

This funding will go towards supporting the city’s plan to revitalize and develop Lowry Island by building a public marina.

The project includes the demolition of dilapidated structures, environmental remediation, and construction of new infrastructure, including parking, roadways, floating piers, boardwalks, and sidewalks.

Right now, MDOT is constructing a new access road to Lowry Island off Highway 90 to make it easier for people to get to. Pascagoula Community Relations Director Katarina Scott said, “This is such a great opportunity for us to really build an amenity that our residents and our visitors can enjoy. A public marina is something we’ve never had that the public really desires and the location where it is is really an ideal location because it sits on the Pascagoula River where it is. It’s a little bit protected from those harsh conditions out in the Gulf.”

The total cost of the project is estimated to be about $9.4 million.

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