City of Ocean Springs illuminates oak trees lining Washington Avenue

Downtown Ocean Springs has never before looked so enchanting.

All 58 of the oak trees lining Washington Avenue are wrapped in Christmas lights. Spectators say the new lights make the downtown area look like it belongs in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

City leaders encouraged families to visit Downtown Ocean Springs so they can shop local, enjoy great restaurants, and become captivated by the new Christmas lights this holiday season. Ward 2 Alderman Rickey Authement said, “It’s breathtaking. Friday night when we were trying to get everything finished, people were stopping, taking pictures. It was just unbelievable.”

Mayor Kenny Holloway said, “It all happened with me and two of the ladies in City Hall walking down here saying ‘what if,’ ‘do you like it?’ and everybody loved it. So, we got on it and got it done.”

Next year, the city plans on getting an earlier start decorating. They also say this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

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