City of Ocean Springs auctioning surplus equipment

Today, the public got to preview Ocean Springs city property up for auction tomorrow.

Ever wanted to buy a police-issue Crown Vic? The Ocean Springs Public Works Department is selling off its surplus goods – and there’s a lot of it, about 200 items total.

Of note, retired first responder vehicles are going to the auction block. These Crown Victoria police cruisers – the logos removed, of course – are famed for their longevity on the road. Though officers drove them hundreds of miles each day, most of the vehicles that were tagged in the yard this morning are still useful. Auctioneer Nick Clark said, “Not everything, but most things out here you can put a key in it, crank it up and drive it home. So, they do regular maintenance on it. Ocean Springs is very particular about their equipment. They take very good care of it.”

These 2017 Harley Davidson police motorcycles are still in pretty good condition. A five-year-old Harley like this can go for around $15,000 on the market. For our motorcycle people at home, these bikes have 1750 cc engines.

Shane Tiner of OSPD told us more. “They’ve been checked out; they’ve got fairly decent tires on them. Low mileage—one of them has 8,000 on it, and I think one of them has 9,000 on it.”

Now, this is a great way for businesses to add vehicles to their fleet. Or, if you’re an individual, you can pick up something like a Crown Vic – which is sure to last a long time. “Everything from lawnmowers, to sweeper trucks, to dump trucks, to all types of police vehicles, former police vehicles, public works vehicles.”

The auction starts at the Public Works Department at 9 a.m., and entry is $10 per person.

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