City of Gulfport approves historical marker for Soria City

The City of Gulfport approved a resolution to put a historical marker for the Soria City community.

The cost of the marker is $2,000 and the Soria City community is accepting GoFundMe donations to reach that goal.

Soria City was incorporated in July 1903, being taken in by Gulfport three-years later.

It was sold to African-Americans around the turn of the century, the borders extending from south of 22nd Street from Bullis to Pratt Avenue from Pratt Avenue to south of 21st Street to the east side of 18th Avenue, the southern-most border was East Railroad Street.

Many of Soria City’s earliest land owners were African Americans who worked at the nearby L&N Railroad and the Gulfport port. Soria City Civic Organization President Eric Cooper said, “I think it’s something that the community deserves to have the plaque. Being here 100 and something years, being historical, being a community that’s still existing and an African American community within itself which is only a couple of blocks from the beach.”

The historical marker will represent a new era as the community plans to rebuild and bring more business to the area.

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