City of Gautier redistricting wards as population continues to grow

The City of Gautier is officially redistricting their wards and the new map is now in effect.

These wards are being redistricted to keep up with state and federal statutes. The statutes demand that wards be altered should the consensus change by ten percent.

These wards are made to be a better fit for the growing population of Gautier. Each district was drawn to make them as compact as possible so residents of those wards can easily access their councilman. Gautier Mayor Casey Vaughan said, “Well, first and foremost, the new districts will make sure that we have fair representation, like I said, for our citizens. And as Gautier evolves and grows it’s imperative that we reflect those changes. You know, you’ve got to make sure your citizens are represented well.”

Wards one, three, and four were the most altered. It’s advised that residents of Gautier check the map to see if their wards have changed.

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