City of D’Iberville to add new sidewalks near D’Iberville Middle School

D’Iberville leaders are looking to make the city safer one layer of cement at a time.

City officials reached out to D’Iberville Middle School Principal Matthew Elias to get some input on safety problems around the school district.

The city was quickly able to pinpoint Lamey Bridge Road as a spot in desperate need of sidewalks.

Due to this realization, city officials have decided to place a new sidewalk on the school’s side of the road.

Phase one of the project will see construction of a sidewalk stretching from Lamey Bridge to Popp’s Ferry and phase two will stretch from Lamey to Lemoyne. Principal Elias said, “The Harrison County School District, our number one priority is safety and security. We’ve got to have a very strong plan in place, and this is just part of that, getting the students here and home safely whether it be by bus, car or in this case our walkers.”

The city plans to begin construction for phase on as soon as possible.

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