City of D’iberville Settles with BP

The city of D’iberville has settled with BP for just under 1 million dollars. The city suffered some major economic losses after the spill.
News 25’s Kristen Durand tells us what the city’s plans are and talks with residents about where they would like to see the money spent.
Just over five years ago, the BP oil spill devastated the Coast, and while D’iberville saw no physical damage, it suffered major economic loss, particularly from its two major seafood processing facilities.
D’iberville Mayor Rusty Quave said, “We had a lot of citizens that worked in those facilities as well. You know for two years, we couldn’t sell a shrimp or a crap or an oyster down here, it just ruined our reputation for Gulf seafood.”
The city settled with BP for just under one million dollars and managed to cut attorney’s fees from 25% to 12%.
Residents say they’d like to see the money used to improve roads. Devon Hughes, a D’iberville resident, said, “There’s potholes all over the roads. They’re damaging cars. I work for a mechanic shop and honestly, we see a lot of front end damage.” Joe Kirkland, a resident of D’iberville, said, “We could use a lot of street repairs. Other than that, the place seems to be growing quite well.”
City officials say road repairs are already in the works. D’iberville City Manager Bobby Eleuterius said, “We’re going to build four baseball fields and four soccer fields and it’s going to be a state of the art facility.”
The city welcomes the opinions of residents at their council meetings they hold twice a month.

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