City of D’Iberville legalizes golf carts

The City of D’Iberville has legalized the use of approved golf carts.

City Ordinance number 177 allows for low-speed golf carts to be driven on selected streets in D’Iberville. Some streets golf carts are not allowed on include Promenade Parkway and Popps Ferry Road.

People must complete an application and purchase a permit for their golf cart. Then they can have it inspected by a police officer.

You must have a valid driver’s license to drive one. D’Iberville Police Chief Shannon Nobles said, “Anytime that there is something new, we want to make sure that it’s implemented safely, and that’s what we’re asking. Again, there is a partnership between city hall and the police department, but there’s also another part of that partnership… which is the community. So, if you wanna be able to use your golf cart, then you’re going to have to do it in a safe manner that follows the regulations.”

To register your golf cart, visit the D’Iberville Police Department’s front office. Online registration will be available in the future.

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