City of D’Iberville holds Breakfast with the Mayor event

The City of D’Iberville held their annual Breakfast with the Mayor event to award community members and highlight the good being done in the area.

Although D’Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave could not attend the Breakfast with the Mayor event that did not stop many from gathering at the D’Iberville Community Center to enjoy breakfast and award those making a difference in the City of D’Iberville. D’Iberville City Manager Clay Jones said, “There are so many people in the city that make us great. It’s not always city employees that do it.”

Corporal Randy Peterson was awarded the D’Iberville Policeman of the Year Award. Earlier in the year, Corporal Peterson was on patrol when he spotted an unusual car. When he approached the car, the individual in the car was wanted for a homicide. His discovery of the individual led to the suspect’s arrest. “It feels really good as far as the recognition, but that’s not why we do this job.”

Sissy Andrews, executive director of D’Iberville/ St. Martin Chamber of Commerce, was awarded the Bob Stein Award for all her hard work at the chamber and as a business owner. “My company, Andrews and Associates, which is a real estate company, we have tried our best to do as much as possible to help support the community, bring new families into our area, bring new commercial businesses into this area.”

Along with the awards being given out, D’Iberville City Manager Clay Jones also talked about the infrastructure repairs within the city.

The city ended up with $2.7 million from gaming, tax revenue, and sales tax revenue and will use that money to put back into the city. “We are going to use that to fix some of our aging infrastructure. We have some flooding in the river’s edge area. We are going to spend some money there. We also got a few washed out areas we got to fix that have been plaguing our city for a long time.”

Along with infrastructure repairs, Jones also touched on some new businesses coming to the area. “Our residential areas are booming up north as well as our retail. We are doing well commercially. Walk-Ons is getting ready to start pushing dirt. We are excited about that. So, we’ve got a lot of good things going on. Hobby Lobby is coming. So, I know a lot of people will be happy.”

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