City of D’Iberville discussing potential new roadway

D’Iberville is looking into adding a new roadway.

The road would connect into the existing Mandal Parkway at Galleria and go through the interstate commercial zone area which is a mixture of commercial development and an old residential area. It would also tie back into Popps Ferry Road and Dewey Lawrence Circle.

The road would help make a smooth transition of traffic flow and potential expansion for a commercial area.

The City of D’Iberville scheduled a public hearing to discuss the proposal on Wednesday, where a lot of residents voiced their concerns. D’Iberville City Manager Bobby Weaver said, “We wanted to put something on paper for residents to give their comments on. We initially said February 1st, but I had a lady come visit with me yesterday and ask if we could extend it. So, we’re going to extend it to February 10th for comment. After we get all the comments, information in, we’ll sit down. The engineer design group will look at the adjustments we can make to satisfy these concerns.”

The City of D’Iberville has not initiated any designs or surveying until they get through the process of the public involvement and come up with something acceptable for everybody.

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