City of Bay St. Louis celebrating New Year with an Oyster Drop

Some cities drop a ball to celebrate the new year, but the City of Bay St. Louis has a better idea.

The city rings in the new year with a giant oyster drop. The oyster sits at the very top of 200 North Beach Restaurant.

Last New Year’s Eve, the streets of Beach Boulevard were filled with over 2,000 people and they are expecting many more this year.

The Silver Slipper donated a stage for three different bands to start playing at 7 p.m. all the way through midnight.

200 North Beach General Manager Michael D’Angelo says he thinks human interaction will be very good for the city considering what it’s been through. “It’s really just been a hard couple of years with covid shutdowns, getting back to normal. I think everybody needs that normalcy, that camaraderie, fellowship… and we want to rub elbows with our friends, especially on New Year’s Eve.”

Street admission is free and reservations are still available at 200 North Beach Restaurant.

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