City of Bay St. Louis celebrate at the Krewe of Real People

Paradegoers were all dressed up at the Krewe of Real People parade in Bay St. Louis.

Paradegoers pulled out all the stops this Fat Tuesday as the Krewe of the Real People parade rolled through Bay St. Louis.

There are a lot of things that make Mardi Gras special and getting to play dress up is one of them.

Originally from New Orleans, Bonnie Morlier has been dressing up for Mardi Gras since she was a little girl.  It’s one of her favorite parts of Carnival Season. “I’m one that will dress up for any occasion. Knowing I can come out here, and just be myself and dress different. Have people stop by and tell you how cute you are sometimes, or how bright and shiny you look. I just enjoy… I will do it forever and ever.”

She’s not the only one strutting out of the season. Kevin and Dawn Gonzales like to take advantage of the opportunity to just let go and have fun. Dawn encourages others to do the same. “It’s a time that you can let your hair down. And a lot of people wear costumes, if you got a costume, do it. And if you don’t want to be in a costume, just wear the colors and come out and support Mardi Gras, and have a great time!”

Costume or not, when the Krewe of Real People started rolling through, everyone knew how to let the good times roll.

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