City of Moss Point declares State of Emergency

In the wake of the newly identified coronavirus, the City of Moss Point is taking precautionary measures to protect citizens, guests, and other stakeholders.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King is encouraging everyone to use our online portal and telecommunication systems to make utility payments, public records requests, and to access other services. The city’s goal is to exercise safe practices and utilize our resources by providing secure and reliable access points for those that we serve.

The City of Moss Point will continue to be proactive in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in our country.  On March 16, 2020, Mayor King declared a Local Emergency for the City and they are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety and welfare of the people is protected.  All business will be conducted as usual with the suspension of in-person services at municipal buildings.  All employees will follow their mandated working hours to ensure that services are not disrupted.

  • The City of Moss Point has postponed any and all public meetings, municipal court, committee meetings, activities, gatherings, and events where over 25 people will be present with the exception of the board meetings.
    • The City of Moss Point’s parks, recreational centers, and facilities will be closed until further notice.
    • The City of Moss Point will not disconnect any utilities for a minimum of 60 days.
    • The City of Moss Point is suspending all city-funded, employee travel unless deemed necessary by the Mayor and Board of Alderman.
    • The City of Moss Point is closed access to all municipal buildings to public traffic, however, the drive-thru, phone lines, dropbox, and online services are still available.
    • It is strongly encouraged that everyone remains at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 unless it is necessary.
    • All private events and gatherings (i.e. bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.) over 25 should be postponed.
    • All board meetings will be streamed LIVE on social media.
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