City of Moss calls special meeting following Mario King’s plea

With the removal of Mario King from office, the Moss Point Board of Alderman called for a special meeting this afternoon.

On the agenda was swearing in Ward 3 Alderman Robert Byrd as the interim mayor

Concluding the meeting, multiple aldermen gave comments arguing if they or the city should be taking some blame for Mario King’s actions. Alderman Sherwood Bradford said, “If this board would have done diligence three years ago when we first put things in order and cut his salary and everything and we would have stuck to our guns, I think he was headed in the right direction.”

Mayor Pro Tem Robert Byrd said, “Just remember that was a personal thing he was doing. He didn’t have anything to do with the city.  He was just actual mayor of the city. We don’t sleep with him. We don’t eat with him. We don’t do anything upon that kind of line. That was his decision, not the city’s.”

Alderman at Large David Chapman said, “That was nothing we did on the board. We did nothing to influence or impress that action. That was strictly his own decision.”

Mario King will also be blocked from all city files and must return all city owned equipment.

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