City of Biloxi seeks input for plans on CSX

Today, the City of Biloxi hosted a community engagement meeting to discuss the proposed federally funded construction of an east-west roadway north of the CSX railway in East Biloxi.

The two-lane roadway, which would be immediately north of the CSX railway, would be 30 feet wide and run from Reynoir Street to Oak Street. The need for the roadway is being driven by the planned closure of several railway crossings in East Biloxi including crossings at Dorries and Holley streets.

News 25 spoke to Neal Schaffer Senior Project Manager Craig High who tells us what was taken from tonight’s meeting. “There were some concerns. We had two alternatives. I think most of them preferred the alternative along the railroad tracks. I think that there were a few people that were concerned about the people that didn’t show up and some of those people we are going to reach out to that were directly affected and kind of let them know that we want to be able to communicate with them and let them understand the project and the purpose of the project.”

High says the roadway will allow people on the north side of the railroad tracks to go to downtown Biloxi more easily without having to drive back up to Division Street.

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