City of Biloxi holds ‘Christmas in the City’

Christmas shopping has already begun on the Coast. With unique local vendors, there were plenty of items to gift loved ones this weekend in Downtown Biloxi.

In Biloxi this weekend, it was Christmas in the city. Business owners set up their tents and tables to attract Christmas shoppers this holiday season. Locals enjoyed the outside event and took full advantage of the Christmas must haves. Biloxi residents Ginny and Guy Anderson said, “We just bought a new house and we thought we’d try to decorate the inside and the outside and get ready for Christmas.”

It appears that most vendors turned their hobbies into small businesses and that’s exactly what the shoppers were looking for this year at Christmas in the City.

Not only were shoppers getting ready for Christmas, but business owners appreciated the opportunity to set up safely during these hard times. Jessica Simon, owner of Mississippi Candle Company, tells News 25 why these festivals mean so much to her. “Small businesses like mine, where we depend on festivals, it’s been hard on us. We haven’t been able to do them and that’s out livelihood.”

The Mississippi Candle Company has expanded their business and are now in casinos and stores around the Gulf Coast. “We have 14 locations and we currently sell to Treasure Bay, Island View, The Palace and the Silver Slipper is the casinos, Islander Outfitters in Ocean Springs, Heritage House in Gulfport and Parkers Ink are some of the local ones that we sell to.”

Tonishia Kimble, owner of Wonders of the World Toys and Bookstore, tells News 25 why representation is important when Christmas shopping. “It’s hard to sometimes find books that reflect you. If you’re black or brown or anything else, sometimes it is hard to find books out there in Walmart or in the library. I realized why make it hard for parents if it doesn’t have to be. We do have a local bookstore that is representative of all the culture and all of the people that are here on the Gulf Coast.”

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