City of Biloxi declares state of emergency

The Biloxi City Council held a special meeting today to declare a state of emergency for the City of Biloxi due to potential effects from Tropical Storm Harvey.
The resolution passed and allows Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich to do all things reasonable and necessary to protect the health and safety of the city’s citizens.
Mayor Gilich tells News 25 this is just a precaution in case Biloxi is impacted by heavy rainfall or winds. “We never know about storms and what’ll happen and I think we’re just precautionarily taking the measures we need to address anything in a hurry that we would anticipate in doing. God forbid what has happened to Houston and Galveston and the Texas Coast. A number of other municipalities have done a similar thing so it’s the thing to do.”
Members of the council also said FEMA has reached out to them asking if the city can accommodate those from Texas and Louisiana who have been displaced from Tropical Storm Harvey.

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