City of Biloxi celebrates 320th birthday

From cupcakes to barbecue, the city of Biloxi had a wonderful time celebrating 320 years. News 25’s Jaylon Morris had a blast, and will fill you in on all the birthday festivities.

Biloxi, 320 looks so good on you. And everybody else on the coast got a chance to realize it. First, Pierre Lemoyne D’Iberville met Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich where it all started 320 years ago.
‘Pierre Lemoyne D’Iberville’ says, “The king appointed me to come here to what we are now calling Louisiana, to what we now the call the Mississippi River and claim the land in the name of France.”

Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich says, “As I told Edmond, who’s portraying Pierre Lemoyne D’iberville, welcome to paradise.”

Paradise it is, as people sailed across the street to the Biloxi visitor’s center for cupcakes and cool t-shirts. Maxine Stine is from Charlotte, North Carolina who just happened to stumble across the celebration.

Visitor from North Carolina Maxine Stine says, “The beach here is fabulous. The casinos are lots of fun and everybody is very friendly.”

Not everybody celebrating is originally from Biloxi. However, some share a pretty important moment regarding February 13th.

Moved to Biloxi, originally from Philippines Raina Moulette says, “I love Biloxi because where I’m from in the Philippines, I lived close to the beach. That’s why I moved here… Because of the beach and the casinos…”

Celebrating her 59th birthday, Antwonette Williams says, “It makes me feel very wonderful to share my birthday, along with Biloxi’s birthday on the very same day.”

The party didn’t stop at the Biloxi Visitor’s Center. Shortly after, everyone headed to the Biloxi Brewing Company for some good barbecue and some live entertainment.

Maxine Crowell says, “I just think it means the world to all of us who are born in Biloxi, who have accepted Biloxi as their own hometown. Because we are the best kept secret in America.”

And when it was all said and done, there was no secret the birthday wish for the city of Biloxi was to continue to grow and become better than ever before.

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich says, “Imagine 320 years ago, at this day and time, I think that the weather was a little bit worse than it is today.. But we absolutely had this the best day of the year!”

One lifelong resident of Biloxi says, “I was here when they poured the black top to build the road around the lighthouse. We rode bicycles down here when we was kids. I had a real good day and the crowd has been tremendous.”

Happy birthday Biloxi… Jaylon Morris, News 25.

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