City of Biloxi celebrates 320 years

On February 13th, the City of Biloxi will celebrate 320 years since Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville landed in Biloxi.

To celebrate the 320th anniversary, the city will re-enact the landing of Pierre where he will be greeted by Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich. Afterwards, a birthday party will take place at the Biloxi Visitor’s Center.

The party doesn’t stop there as the Biloxi Brewing Company will host a downtown block party with food and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Three hundred and twenty years is a huge milestone which is why the city decided to do something special for this occasion.  Biloxi Historical Administrator Bill Raymond said, “There’s not a lot of communities in this country that can say they are 320-years-old. It really gives us a chance to talk about our history and our culture and to really show how significant Biloxi is as a community.”

The first 320 guests to show up at the birthday party will receive free cupcakes and a commemorative gift.

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