Cinco de Mayo celebration at the District on the Alley

It’s Cinco de Mayo. It’s a day of celebration for the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla.

It’s not Mexican Independence Day which is a common mistake. The celebration is often paired with beer, tacos, and margaritas.

Many restaurants along the Coast are preparing to dish out just that including the District on the Alley in Gulfport.

Bartender Emily Seigel is thrilled to be back bartending this year especially considering how last year’s fiestas were put on hold due to COVID-19. “I really just love the atmosphere, the people that are partying. Everybody just trying to have a good time celebrating the fifth of May. The margaritas are just going to be flowing tonight. I’m excited.”

Siegel encourages everyone to drink responsibly as well as check out the District in Gulfport’s drink and food specials.

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