Church volunteers help feed the homeless in Gulfport

Just because Feed my Sheep was closed today doesn’t mean the homeless went hungry in Gulfport.
Volunteers from Little Rock Baptist Church in Gulfport teamed up together to provide an after Christmas meal for those in-need this morning. Red beans, rice, sausage, rolls, and sautéed veggies were some of the food volunteers served up. Families and others in-need lined up outside where the meals where distributed in the parking lot.
A woman caring for six grandchildren tells News 25 times are tough for her family during the holiday and she is thankful for the help. Resident Tammy Freightman said, “From meal to meal, we come over here and enjoy a nice hot meal. We enjoy it. I really like it and I really appreciate them. We have a lot of homeless people, a lot of camps around here. These people, they really can’t help themselves. They could, they can’t, or they won’t, but they do need more help.”
Volunteers from Feed my Sheep and other non-profits helping the homeless could use more help after the holidays.

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